Tooloulou's Cajun Cafe
Heather Shaw and I co-created the logo.  As a typographer, she created the wordmark, and I created the crab and fiddle.
Outer To-Go Box
The to-go boxes needed to be fun, colorful, and sturdy enough to be used later by the customer as a box that they want to keep and possibly repurpose.
All 5 Boxes
Since Tooloulou's is a family restaurant I decided to keep the box design simple and really punch it up with the color and illustrations. The magnolia represents the Louisana state flower.
Nested Boxes
The 4 nested boxes needed to carry on the fun Louisiana theme.  The boxes hold the 3 courses:  Entree, Salad, and Bread. The 4th box is for utensils.  The images on each box are an indication of what is inside.
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