Lacey's Lashes logo white on magenta with lash die cut
Lacey Reyes Nygard is an Esthetician, Lash Specialist and Makeup Artist in Everett, WA.  Lacey's logo needed to reflect her buoyant personalty and her gentle spirit. 
Taloa Transportation logo gold on blue
My Apple Pie Designs log line art apple threading through the l in apple
Worldwide Women's Film Festival  logo with cactus made up of green film in the shape of a saguaro cactus with words to the right
I can't wait to see this logo on all the advertising and posters for the 1st annual WWFF next year.
Hand lettered daisy for a hippie feel
Daisy Boutique Hotel
Daisy is a boutique hotel where guests are treated to original local art.  Even the dinner plates are hand made by local artists.
The Sinsemilla logo is a Marijuana leaf with cutouts in 3 layers, dark, med, and light with light being on top
Meaning:  Without Seed
It was so much fun recreating the iconic cannabis leaf of the 60s and 70s to a more sophisticated and elegant visual. 
Studio 229 logo with the 9 in 229 reshaped to be a pair of sissors
Studio 229 Hair Salon
This was the first logo I did for a client.  The old logo had a guitar pic shape behind the 229, which made it look like a music studio.  I knew the logo needed to convey that this was a hair studio. The owner, DeAnna, seems to always have a pair of scissors in her hands so I immediately thought of how the handle looks like a 9.  Best hair salon in Seattle by the way!
TooLouLou's logo stacked letters with fiddler crab on top
Tooloulou's Cajun Cafe
I worked with Heather Shaw on the logo for Tooloulou's.  We both agreed that Tooloulou's was perfect for stacking.  Heather created the wordmark and I created the illustration.  Touloulou means fiddler crab in Cajun parlance. 
Piranha log with graphic piranha graphic in bright colors
Piranha Energy Drink
Piranha is another collaboration with the talented Heather Shaw. Once we decided on a grafitti-esque design, Heather delivered on the logo, and I created the illustration.
Audacious Advertising logo made of 3 green lines and 3 orange lines. Open at bottom and lines gently curfing towards each other and crossing to make an A
This is a redesign of a logo I did for Audacious Advertising Agency.  I like the simplicity of it and that the shape could be either a capital A or a small a.
My hand drawn thumbnail sketches for My Mountain Products logo
My Mountain Products logo with green mountain and my under the first negative in the M and Mountain Products in 2 lines below
My Mountain Products
My Mountain Products was a real challenge for me.  I was taking a hand lettering class at the time and wanted to incorporate what I had learned into the logo.  Once I got my mountain drawing just right I turned it into a vector graphic.
These are some of my thumbnails for My Mountain Products trying to make the mountain spell My and be believable.
Groovy Tuesdays logo with groovey in pink cursive and Tuesdays in hot green in all capps below
Logo for night club targeting the 35-60 age group.  Groovy Tuesdays is for people who define themselves by their interests and not what they do for money.

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